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RE: [IPp] Novolog testament!

Well, my daughter's irritated spots are not as big as that, but are very red
and take forever to heal (I think we've tried about every cream available to
speed up the healing).  They do itch when it is first removed, and sometimes
when a new one is first put in place, but the area is about half the size of
a dime.

I haven't ever tried a "safety loop."  How do you make one?  We just got our
next 3-month supply of sils, but I'm thinking of trying a different set next
time.  I wonder if I have to get the endo's approval to switch set types??
Our pump came with a soft-serter, so maybe we should try the micros.  Do you
also do the extra IV3000 to create the "sandwich effect" for the shorter
canula? Ashley also freaks out if we don't have an inserter device, lol.
Gee, it's like she doesn't trust me!  :)

Angela, mom to Ashley,4 (dxd 1/01) & Kristina, 18 mo.

>>>>>Yep!!:O)  His sites on H (by day 2, they never lasted beyond that) were
red, very hot, itched like crazy, & over an area about the size of a
quarter.  We did several things to rule out tape allergy so I knew it
probably wasn't that.  We didn't do anything different site wise only
switched to Novolog and we had no problems with it being nasty when we
pulled it off!  I understand about the site coming off too!:O)  Have you
tried a safety loop?  This should pull first before a site will.  We've
tried the tenders and now we're on the SS micros.  These have worked great
in Riley, the tenders would kink and we had so many problems with them.
I've tried the Ultraflex once and would like to switch to those but Riley
psychologically needs the insertion device so he just panicked when I tried
to insert it.  I guess we'll just stick to what we're using for now and try
the Ultra's when Riley is a little older!:O)
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