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Re: [IPp] Good Endo's

On 18 May 2002 at 10:34, lisa harris wrote:

> I think all of us are our own child'sexpert you know?  I know how D works for
> *Riley* and what he needs/doesn'tneed.  I want to find an endo that views
> me as a partner in his care and notthe lackey with my opinion being
> valued!!!:O)  
> Very well said Amy! We left our previous endo for similar issues. We are
> very happy with the new endo we have been with since Dec. When he said to
> us~ "You know your son's diabetes better than anyone else, we're like a
> 'consultant' ~ here to help you if you have a problem or need" ~ I almost
> kissed him! :o)
> Lisa (MI) mom of Andrew, 3, pumping 8mos, and mom of Jamie 9, and Mary 4,
> ......and happily married to David!

Instead of that kiss, how about listing him on the Pump Docs List?


When we have found a Pump friendly doctor we like to help others out by listing them here.  That way anyone in your area who needs a Pump-Friendly Doctor rather than 
their present draconian treatment can look them up.  Help others to get changed to pumping insulin.  List those Pump-Friendly Docs!

If you need any assistance in listing, write to HELP@insulin-pumpers.org

Thanks,        ;>)

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