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[IPp] Good Endo's

I think all of us are our own child'sexpert you know?  I know how D works
*Riley* and what he needs/doesn'tneed.  I want to find an endo that views
me as
a partner in his care and notthe lackey with my opinion being

Very well said Amy! We left our previous endo for similar issues. We are
very happy with the new endo we have been with since Dec. When he said to
us~ "You know your son's diabetes better than anyone else, we're like a
'consultant' ~ here to help you if you have a problem or need" ~ I almost
kissed him! :o)

Lisa (MI) mom of Andrew, 3, pumping 8mos, and mom of Jamie 9, and Mary 4,
......and happily married to David!


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