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Re: [IPp] Bad connections

> I have a question on reservoir to infusion set connections.  My son
> has been pumping for almost a year now, everything was going well. 
> Now the last two times we have changed the sets they have leaked
> from the connection point of the reservoir to tubing( in the pump).
> I do all the setup so I have done all the connecting with out a
> problem till now. He gets a little insulin but not enough, bg's @
> 300!.  I'm wondering if it is this box of reservoir that are bad or
> canulas or both.  He uses a MM 508.  Could it be they are bad?  Has
> anyone else had a problem with leaking at this point. 

this sort of problem has been reported infrequently in the past. 
Usually it is due to overtightening which cracks the connector or 
undertightening with obvious results, but as I recall, there 
have been a few reports of defective connectors. The problem with 
overtightening is cracking of the syringe itself. This is difficult 
to detect, but the smell of insulin is usually very prevalent.

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