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[IPp] We're starting Novalog!!

I'm going to look into switching endo's because I'mtired of this
you-must-be-doing-something-wrong attitude!!!!

Ugh Amy! I don't blame you a bit for seeking a new endo practice! 
Regarding the Novalog, Andrew has been using it in his pump for  16 days
now. So far we are VERY pleased. Previously, on the Humalog, we were
getting only 2 days (or less) out of each site before his numbers would
start to creep upward, and require large correction boluses, which often
did not seem to help much. Now we have easily gotten 3 days out of each
site (except for twice when I forgot and we went 4 days!) His insulin
needs have dropped on the Novalog; although his basals have stayed the
same, the carb/insulin ratios and correction boluses are being adjusted
downward.  We're still in the 'adjustment' period, but his meter average
has already dropped from 230 down to 187! (yes, that's how bad it was!) 
And I suppose that 'adjustment' period never truly ends as his insulin
needs can fluctuate from day to day or week to week.....it's taken me
over a year to realize that sometimes th! e numbers just are NOT GOING TO
MAKE ANY SENSE!...... but the pump has made things SOOOO much better now
than they were before! A much more 'normal' life for this entire family.

PS: Do be sure to do frequent bg checks when starting the Novalog in case
his insulin needs are less with it.....I started Andrew's in the evening,
so I was up a lot checking that night....you may want to start it in the
morning! God bless!!

Lisa Harris (MI) mom of Andrew, 3yrs, pumping 8 mos, and mom of Jamie 9,
and Mary 4.........and happily married to David!


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