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[IPp] We're starting Novalog!!!

Riley had his appt yesturday and we saw the nurse practioner (as usual, we
only see the endo maybe 1 x a year?).  Anyway, I presented my case as to why
I wanted to try Novalog; longer sites, less irritation, help with post meals
bg's.  I also told her I got a lot of info and advice from 2 pumpers list.
She totally refuted everything I've read on the list saying that short site
life is caused by the set and not the insulin.  She said the micro's that we
use are notorious for this and I should keep this in mind (anyone heard of
this?) but we also had the same problem with the tenders.  She also said
irritation was caused by reactions to the tape and not insulin.  I wonder
who knows better-her or all these pumpers who live this on a daily basis?
She claims the few kids she has on Novalog never reported any difference in
site life, etc.  I'm going to give it a try though, I really think Riley
needs the coverage (at the very least).  We will put him on it tonight or
tomorrow.  Anything I should watch out for?   Just do frequent bg checks?
Another thing: we went round and round AGAIN on Riley's target range and A1c
<sigh>.  I'm comfortable with an 8 (which is also the recommended # in the
Pink Panther book for his age).  She told me that HER pumpers in the 6-7-8
year range have A1c's in the SIXES because you can get tighter control
starting at 6 due to less growth spurts etc.  Well, my son must be have
something terribly wrong because he doesn't fall into the *consistency bg
range* at all!!!!!!  He must be the only abnormal kid in that whole practise
because we still see inconsistent numbers in him.  He will suddenly go low
for 2 weeks at a time, then he will run high for 2 weeks, than normal.  He
does this every 1-3 months with no change in variables.  I brought this up
and she didn't think it was pancreas activity but rather growth hormones.
Well, that just blows her theory then doesn't it????  He doesn't always feel
low's and if I correct him starting at 150 or lower, he usually drops like a
rock (normally due to inconsistent activity).  Geez, she really knows how to
make a mother feel good huh???<G>  Someone needs to tell her that D is
different in every child, just because one kid has great numbers with little
efforts, there are others who are very hard to pin down.  I know the term
"brittle" is supposed to be obsolete right?  Well, Riley fits the bill of
that definition though!!!:O(  She also says by 15 they are totally
consistant and should not see high's without a reason (this isn't what I've
read on other lists!).  I'm going to look into switching endo's because I'm
tired of this condenscending, you-must-be-doing-something-wrong attitude!!!!

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-9, Riley-6(dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 2 years), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-3, & Lane-5 mos
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