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[IPp] Re: swimming, sticking, and unsticking

Just thought I'd chime in with Michael, Barbi, and others re: swimming,
keeping sets stuck, and removing them when it's time...
My daughter who turned eight on May 1 has been pumping with an H-tron Plus
since age 5 and has been on a swim team for four years.  We use
Tenders/Silhouettes with no sandwiching, taping, safety looping, or
anything extra other than a swab of tincture of benzoin, AKA gorilla snot,
to hold them on.  (Be sure to use the nasty-smelling, yellowish, sticky
benzoin tincture intended for dressings, not the milder, tastier version
used to treat mouth ulcers.)
Annie is in the water at least an hour a day five days a week during the
school year, then many, many more hours for fun during the summer.  She
keeps the pump on at all times, usually clipped to her swimsuit between her
shoulder blades (even got a pump outline in her tan last summer!).  So far,
we've had very few problems keeping a set on despite the wetness--and no
problems with infection, etc. from the pool water.  If the set  seems to be
peeling up or wrinkling after many hours underwater, it sometimes helps
re-stabilize it if you dry it with a hair dryer.
Annie hates having a set (or bandaid, for that matter) removed more than
she dislikes having a new set inserted.  After she's asleep, I use a
Unisolve wipe to loosen the adhesive and to clean off the residue, then an
alcohol wipe to remove any traces of unisolve or stickiness, and I always
rub in some triple antibiotic ointment on the actual entry spot.  We've
been very lucky so far!
BTW, unisolve wipes are great for removing unwanted paint, price labels
from glassware, chewing gum, tar, etc.  I carry some with me at all times!
Charlotte (Annie's Mama)
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