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Re: [IPp] site changes

Hi Sarah!

We deal with this different ways. It really just depends on what is going on at the time. Sometimes we just don't cover all the carbs
in the meal with the bolus. Other times we give glucose tablets and then just dose the meal carbs. Juice takes longer than pure
glucose to raise the bg as it first has to be broken down into fructose and glucose before the body can use the glucose. If you are
looking for a quick rise then pure glucose is what you need. We've never suspended for lows. The reason for this is that it takes a
good hour or more before it will take effect anyway so unless the bg is extremely low and/or your child's lows are usually stubborn to
rise, then it is not really that helpful. Our daughter's bgs are usually up to the target by an hour, so suspending would be useless
for her (and she'd end up being high later because of it).

There are various products on the market for removing adhesives. I'm having a brain fluff at the moment so can't remember the product
names, but if you check out the pump websites, they will be there.

Hope this was at least somewhat helpful.

take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon 11.5, dx 5.5yrs ago, pumping 2.5yrs ago

Sarah said:
I have yet another question....two actually.

1. IF your children are low before a meal...what do you do?  Do you suspend,

do you treat with a juice?  do you count the juice as part of the meal carbs

when bolusing....or do you reduce the bolus ..leaving out the carbs for  the


2.  I am having a hard time removing the adhesive when I do a site change.
use the silhouettes, and believe me, so far they stick great....how do I get

it off??
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