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re: [IPp] site changes

>>>>From: email @ redacted
1. IF your children are low before a meal...what do you do?  Do you suspend, 
do you treat with a juice?  do you count the juice as part of the meal carbs 
when bolusing....or do you reduce the bolus ..leaving out the carbs for  the 

For Luke, we treat the low no matter when it is by not suspending the pump
(because the basal affects bg's later, not now) and giving glucose tabs
or another very quick sugar like Smarties.  Luke prefers the glucose tabs
to juice because they bring him up faster.  We wait until he feels better,
usually < 10 min. & if he doesn't, we test again & treat until he does.
Once he feels better (we used to test at this point but have done it enough
to prove that Luke really feels the difference) then we eat & bolus normally
for dinner.  We only include the sugar source on a 2nd round of treatment
but not on a first.  Very much YMMV.  If we don't bolus for that 2nd
round of treatment, Luke goes too high.

>>>>>>2.  I am having a hard time removing the adhesive when I do a site
change. We use the silhouettes, and believe me, so far they stick great....how
do I get 
it off??<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

We usually do site changes after bath time, and remove the old set in
the tub if possible - the water helps soften it to pull it off, although
we have not had to use any extra help (like Mastisol) to keep QuickSets or
Silhouette sets on through 3-4 days of swimming & bathing & sweating.  I
put some Vitamin E oil around the site to help get rid of the rest of the
adhesive & to keep Luke from scratching as he is sensitive to adhesives. 
Vitamin E oil is usually in the health food/vitamin section at the grocery.  I
don't like the smell of tea tree oil so we haven't tried that.

Sounds like you're doing great, Sarah!  The first few weeks are a good time to
get a lot of questions answered.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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