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Re: [IPp] site changes

In a message dated 5/15/2002 8:14:11 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> 1. IF your children are low before a meal...what do you do?  Do you 
>  do you treat with a juice?  do you count the juice as part of the meal 
>  when bolusing....or do you reduce the bolus ..leaving out the carbs for  
>  juice?

If she's actually low (under 60) or  just *feels* low but isn't *technically* 
low on the meter (say the meter say she's 72 and it's probably because she's 
"on the way down") we treat the low with juice or glucose tabs (about 15-17 
grams of carbs) and don't bolus for it. Since she's usually ferociously 
hungry when she's low, we just let her eat her meal right after and bolus 
normally for it.  We check her 15-20 minutes after treating the low to make 
sure she's come up over at least 80, and then do her normal post meal check 
at 90-120 minutes after the meal . . . premeal lows have become very rare for 
katie since she started pumping almost a year ago. She maybe has one before 
lunch every 3 months at school from really heavy exercise at recess . .  . 
>  2.  I am having a hard time removing the adhesive when I do a site change. 
> We 
>  use the silhouettes, and believe me, so far they stick great....how do I 
>  it off??

We use Unisolve (packaged as individual towelettes and ordered with the rest 
of our pump supplies from our pump  company -- and paid for by our insurance 
company).  we wipe it on top of the set tape and all around the edges and let 
it soak it for a minute.  It disolves the adhesives so that we can gently 
peel up the tape and then just lift away the set without any pulling.  I've 
heard that baby oil or mineral oil will also work . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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