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[IPp] I am proud of our school

I am so happy with our school.  I had another 504 plan meeting with them.  
Before there was a problem with glucagon injections, insulin injections, 
things like that.  When I went there today the nurse that is there now made 
some calls.  It seems that there isn't a district policy on things to do with 
diabetes.  So, the district said to go right ahead and do whatever we can 
agree on.  So now there will be 2 teachers, the nurse, the health aide, and a 
sub nurse trained in glucagon injections.  They think that we will be able to 
have the nurse, aide, or sub come to the classroom to test Jacob when he 
needs to be tested (except for lunch when Jacob will need to go to the 
office, not a big deal since he will be going that way anyway).  The nurse, 
aide, sub, and one teacher (the 4th grade teacher that is on a Minimed 508 
pump) will be trained to give boluses.  I am so happy that Jacob's school has 
been so wonderful about helping us out.  One last thing is that the school 
doesn't like that there aren't any policies to follow so they are trying to 
get the district to adapt the ADA's position statement as well as what we are 
working out in our 504 plan as policy.  Just thought that I would share the 
good news. 

Wife to Jeremy, Mom to 
Jacob (b. 4-22-97, dx'd 3-2-99) and
Hunter (b. 7-22-00)
Stillwater, MN
email @ redacted
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