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Re: [IPp] nighttime lows, basals and question

> Jeremy is not on the pump yet, but we have this question...
> I would like to know what to do with nighttime basal rates when
> there is a low in the middle of the night.  I know to treat the low
> first.  But when you discover the low, what do you do with your
> basal insulin? Suspend only while treating the low? Reduce for the
> rest of the night?  Leave alone?

There are a couple of considerations. First if lows are a regular 
thing, then the basal rates are not properly set. Since this is the 
exception, lows are usually brought on by a miscalculated bolus, some 
unusual activity (sports, etc..) or YMMV :-)  who knows.

For most lows, suspending the pump is not really going to accomplish 
much. The insulin being infused NOW is not available for use for 
around a half hour and will not peak until much later than that, 
heh... heh... just in time for the rebound from the low. It has been 
our practice in the past to reduce the basal until morning by a 
tenth, by YMMV. You should discuss these thing with your medical 

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