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Re: [IPp] crystalized U50 humalog

> Hello Everyone.
> Today we had some major problems with Liam's bg's. Liam is 4 years
> old. He uses a MM 508 and U50 Humalog.
> For no apparent reason this morning his bg went up to 500. His site
> looked good but the line had several bumpy spots with little cracks.
>  We had this happen on at least two other occasions in the past 5
> months. Is this crystalized insulin?  We changed sites and that
> corrected the problem.  We are unsure if that was indeed crystalized
> insulin or not. Now we are thinking that when we had what we thought
> were bad sites could have been crystalized insulin. Could someone
> tell us about their experience with crystalizing insulin? What
> exactly it looks like and was it with diluted Humalog?

More likely the tubing has been bent. The tubing is actually two 
tubes, one bonded within the other. The inner tube is a special 
material that helps keep the insulin from crystalizing. When the tube 
is crimped or squished, the inner and outer tube separate and leave a 
whitish looking "mess", can't think of a better way to describe it. 
This is usually harmless and is only a cosmetic defect.

I won't speculate on the cause of Liam's high, suffice it to say that 
insulin crystalization is rare. In almost 8 years I think I've seen 
it maybe once in my daughter's infusion lines and I'm not real sure 
about even that incident.

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