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[IPp] re: site changes every other day (was Novolog)

Not to sound dumb, but when you guys say you get 1-2 days from a site....what 
do you mean by that?  What are the sites looking like to let you know to 
change?  Our endo told us to switch sites every other day.  I changed my sons 
site yesterday and so tomorrow he needs to change again.  I never asked them 
why....they tell me....and I do it....

You don't sound dumb - just curious, a good trait in a good caretaker.
Anyway, what I mean by getting 1-2 days from a site is as what Kelly wrote:
sometime during the 1st or 2nd day (we never knew when) the #'s would creep
up in the 200's+ & they would not drop, which is our signal to change the
site.  Then the infusion set would look fine, and the site would look fine
except for redness (not like an infection - like irritation) around where
the cannula was.  We never knew when it would happen - I call them
unpredictable site changes.

Usually we have planned site changes every 3-4 days - we try 3 but can
go to 4 if life becomes terribly hectic.  Lately we've been hitting 3.  The
only site problems we have now have 1 source: bent cannulas on 90degree sets
(QuickSets) from Luke's lean muscles, so we're currently using Sils & are back
to knowing when we're going to change out.

I'd ask your endo & CDE about site changes - WHY do you have to change every
other day?  My experience from the pump list is that people who live with
pumping try to maximize the site life, including endo's.  That tells me that
only someone who doesn't have to do it all the time would think it's okay to
changeout a small child every other day.    But, maybe they have some new
research that supports this - in that case, please share it.  I'm always open
to new information.  If it's how they help their kids keep low A1C's then we'd
like to know to help optimize Luke's control.  
Good luck to you,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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