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[IPp] re: Novolog - switch, site integrity

I am going to the doc's next week and I want to talk to him about
switching to Novolog or as it is called in Canada, Novo Rapid.  I
would like to hear from anyone who has switched.  My daughter is 6
and is currently pumping with Humalog diluted to 40%.  Her basil 
rates range from .1 - .24 per hour.  I am wondering how many people
that switched did not have to dilute anymore, since I am unable to
get any clear information on diluting the Novolog.

> If you are not having difficulty with Humalog, why would you switch??
> Novolog is equally effective as Humalog in almost everyone. It is 
> just the few who have some sort of reaction to one or the other that
> need to switch. Diluting or not diluting would have the same effect 
> with either insulin analog under normal conditions.

To Debbie's question & Michael's comment:  Debbie, if Humalog is
working, DON'T MESS W/ IT!!!   Novolog does not have an approved
diluent, and you can't achieve those 0.24u/hr basal rates w/out dilution.
So if your daughter needs that & Humalog is working, stick with it &

What do I mean by not working - getting the UNPREDICTABLE 1-2 days
out of a site when we expected 3.  Then pulling out the site & seeing
absolutely no problems w/ the cannula - but some redness around
where the cannula was, and feeling relatively hard sites that take
months to heal back up for re-use.   

Luke switched to Novolog in Oct., was mixing Humalog & Regular to lessen
the Humalog sensitivity but Novolog made the sites predictable - except
for our pesky bent cannulas around those lean muscles (which we're avoiding
by using Silhouettes now).  He had no change in overall daily usage of
insulin, carb ratio/correction ratios stayed the same, and 2 basals out
of 6 went higher, 2 went lower, and 2 stayed the same.

It's always YMMV w/ each person - but if Humalog had worked w/out the
unpredictability of sites, we would not have switched.  We switched
based on the anecdotal evidence from other pumpers who had sensitivity
to Humalog that Novolog cleared that for them - and it's working for
us.  But if you have a good thing going, I'd leave it alone.
Good luck,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01, Novolog 10/01

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