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Re: [IPp] Re: Duration of Sites


We had a site failure this morning. We did our normal site change with no 
problems and then after lunch when I went to give a bolus, our pump alarmed 
with "No Delivery" appearing on the screen. So I disconnected at the site and 
did a fixed prime of 3 units and it went thru ok, so that meant that the 
problem was at the site. I was bumming!! :(   But, my son sucked it up and 
was really great, he just stood there and let me change it out.  I was very 
proud of him. :)  I really like using the sil-serter better than manual 
insertion. I feel that using the inserter really helps me get the silhouette 
in at the correct angle.  It is amazing how scared my son was a week ago when 
we started pumping and how he cried and faught me when doing a site 
change....to now, him just standing and saying "ok mommy, but hurry up and no 
talking while we do it".  He is so cute.
I think we should start having a holiday called KIDS DAY!
By the way, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you hard working and dedicated 
mothers.  We all have amazing kids who deal with alot every day, but so do 
we, being the worried  and loving mothers that we all are.  I applaud each 
and every one of you. :)
Pump-mommy to Matthew ( 5 ) pumping-Paradigm since 5/7/02 
and to Victoria ( 7 ) Non-D.
West Hartford, Conn.
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