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Re: [IPp] Animas question

> June 1st will be my daughter's one year anniversary pumping with her
> pump -- what a day to celebrate!  Pumping has been great and we've been
> happy with the Animas pump and all the folks we've dealt with at Animas .
. .
> Lyndy
> Pumpmama to Katie


I'm glad to hear that you've been happy with Animas.  I did alot of research
before choosing Animas for my son.  We go back to the doctors to start
pumping with saline May 20th.  He wants patients to pump with saline for a
week, but I asked the pump trainer if we could just go a couple days then
start on Humolog.  We've waited too long for the pump already! We had to
switch Endos (a month ago) because she wouldn't put kids on one.  It's been
frustrating, we're very anxious to start.
Did you start with 1 basal rate or two?  My son goes high every night and
usually it takes till lunch to get him down to where he should be.

son, Devin (13), dx 4/2/01

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