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[IPp] re: bolusing at school

<<<<From: email @ redacted -
How does everyone handle bolusing at the right time at school?  If your
child tests in the classroom or at the nurse's office, and then boluses
before going to the cafeteria, then isn't there a risk that he or she
will go low because the bolus will start working before they start to
eat?  Or, is the time in between bolusing and getting to the cafeteria
not significant for most kids? >>>>>

Luke tests at the school office/nurse's station (next to each other),
and if he's in range, he boluses & then goes across the hall to the
cafeteria and starts eating lunch.  Luke takes lunch every day since
he's such a picky eater so it's not a problem to get food quickly.  At
home we bolus about half before & half after a meal but that's a lot
for a 7 year old & many busy office staff members/part-time nurse to
remember so to avoid a missed bolus he does it all at once.

If he's low, then he treats in the office, starts eating & then
boluses.  They let him join his friends then when he's had his juice,
is feeling better, and has started on his sandwich or fruit.

Luke was the first pumper in his school (in kindergarten) and they
now have 3 - the school personnel adapted quickly.  Also, our local
Mini-Med rep who is also a CDE & trainer has done a training session
w/ the school district nurses twice in the past year, which has been
a huge help in getting people comfortable.  She always brags about
one of her patients who could do his own boluses in kindergarten -
which is Luke.  She takes a real pump & lets them touch it, etc.
when it's not attached to anybody - that makes them a lot more
comfortable too.

Sounds like you're doing good research for your 504 plan.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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