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[IPp] Re: tubing length

<<Lauren's pump arrived today.  We will start saline on May 16 and insulin
on May 28.  They included infusion sets with 43" tubing.  Lauren is six
years old.  What length of tubing do kids typically use at her age?>>

<<Claire started pumping with Quick-sets and 23 inch tubing a day before 
she turned 7.  A while later Quick-sets were in short supply and we had to 
order the 43 inch tubing, which seemed so long for her.  Well, she loves the 
43 inches and did not want to switch back.  She likes being able to lay the 
pump down on the floor or bed when she gets changed.>>

Similarly to Claire, Luke started with the 23" tubing on QuickSets.  We
actually made it through the supply crunch just fine but switched to longer
because Luke is just tall enough that when he goes to the bathroom, a pump
site at his waist is probably 24" from the floor.  So the pump going down
with his pants got pulled out a few times.  The long tubing can be really
concerning but he loves the freedom for getting dressed, etc.  Luke is
7 years old & about 50 inches tall for your reference.  

We're currently using the Sils/43" tubing or QuickSets/43" tubing.  Hubby
would like to go back to 23" so we don't have to tuck in tubing but he
agrees that Luke has had more sites pulled out from not enough tubing
than from his tubing getting caught on something.  There's always something
though.  Get some samples of each length & see what works best.

Good luck w/ Lauren's pump start.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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