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[IPp] Re: Tubing length

Hi Sarah,
     I kinda laughed reading this post, because the other day Claire pulled 
out her pump and the tubing was tied into four knots!!  Don't know how this 
happened, but it didn't affect insulin delivery.  
     Yes, Claire just stuffs the tubing into her panties and clips the pump 
on--the H-tron comes with a very nice clip case and we haven't used anything 
else.  Claire has some summer dresses I made for her with an inside pocket, 
with these she doesn't need the clip case.  Wrapping the tubing neatly around 
the pump would be too time consuming for her.  Kids just want to get on with 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8  

> My son has the paradigm with the silhouettes and the 23 inch tubing. My 
> question is this...when you say you "tuck" in the tubing, do you just push 
> it 
> down into the garmet of clothing or do you wrap it around itself and then 
> tuck it in?  Are any of your children using a pump pak?  Do you worry about 
> the tubing kinking or twisting from being tucked in?
> Sarah
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