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[IPp] Eye opening school visit-long

I had a very interesting visit to the school yesterday.  Jillian's grade was 
having a pizza party after school from 3:30 to 5:30 yesterday.  The nurse was 
not going to be in school at all that day (sub nurse until 3pm).  It took 2 
days for the teacher organizing the party to call me about the food (only 
called because I kept calling the school to speak to him).  I tell him Jill 
will check before the sub nurse leaves, and they need to call me for the 
bolus when the food arrives.  He responds with dead silence.  Then he asks me 
if I can just come to the party.  Sigh.  So I arrive after work at 4:20.  
Well the kids are coming in from outside playing and there is my daughter 
with no pocketbook (which contains glucometer, juice, tabs etc).  I say to 
her where's your stuff?  She tells me she didn't know they were going out. 
(Spoke to her about that later). I get a hold of the teachers and say do any 
of you have glucose tabs?  Vacant stares.  I proceed to tell them how much 
danger they put her in, blah blah blah.  They ask me if that happens when 
she's high or low?  I manage not to rip their heads off and give them an 
explanation.  They had no clue.  I went in there myself in the beginning of 
the year.  I gave them a one page guideline about lows and highs, very basic 
and easy to understand, on neon colored paper so they could easily identify 
it.  They wanted to know if they really wouldn't have time to get something 
if she dropped.  I asked them if they even knew where her stuff was.  More 
blank looks.  Our wonderful nurse, when I told her today, said she would 
"speak" to all of them (I think she is ripping their heads off for me!) and 
start sending out monthly reminders about low blood sugar and she is 
scheduling an in-school training for all of them by a CDE.  I love our nurse. 
 She was as appalled as I was at their total lack of knowledge.  Sorry this 
is so long, but I have assumed since Sept that the teachers were aware of 
symptoms of lows and what to do, but I was obviously very mistaken.  Just 
thought maybe some of you might want to do a refresher with the teachers.

Kelly, Mom of Jillian 12(dx'd Feb 2001), Patrick 10 and Erin 2 
Happily married to Steve
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