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[IPp] 504 help

I just spoke with Lauren's school nurse.  At first she was supportive of
having Lauren test in the classroom next year.  Now, she says she's
hesitant because Lauren can be very pokey about testing.  She goes to the
nurse's office, and dawdles for a long time before testing.  We both
agree that with only one teacher in the classroom, the teacher would not
be able to spend ten minutes trying to get Lauren to check her blood
sugar several times a day.  I said that we need to consider an aide for
her.  If Lauren is very slow about testing in the nurse's office, and she
gets away with being slow, then that's all the more reason that she needs
to be in the classroom testing.  I'm going to schedule a meeting with the
administration to work on next year's 504.  I would appreciate any advice
from those of you who have been through this before.  I understand that
testing in the classroom must be allowed if it's in the 504, but what if
the school says the child needs to be in the nurse's office because he or
she doesn't complete a bg test in a timely manner?

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