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[IPp] 504's IEP's etc...

> Michael,
> Anything else they're required to do?  We've been having trouble
> too.  My son is 13 and they think he should be able to take can of
> this without a whole lot of help, but he's ADHD and has a non-verbal
> learning disorder which means I do alot of management at home. Carol
> email @ redacted
Hi Carol,

All students with any kind of disability are protected from 
discrimination by 3 laws:

1 the Americans with Disabilities Act, this law
prohibits discrimination in public places

2 the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which
gives our kids the right to have a 504 accommodation
plan, any component of your child's diabetes care plan
must be allowed, schools cannot deny kids this plan,
which many try to do hoping that parents will not know
better. Under section 504 you set up an IHCP

3 IDEA which allows students with diabetes to receive
educational help form the Special Ed dept if their
disease warrants. Under IDEA, you set up an IEP

Because children have the civil right to a fair and
appropriate education and if any part of your child's 
diabetes care is denied by your school system then you
have a right to file a complaint with the Office of
Civil Rights.  Denying a child with diabetes the right to life-saving 
medication (either glucagon or insulin) at school is without question 
a black and white issue. Forcing the child to leave the classroom to 
test, witholding snack privileges, etc... all would be covered under 
the child's IHCP.

1.) Set up an individual health care plan(IHCP) with your school 
nurse(or health office coordinator). BE VERY SPECIFIC. You can 
include personal instruction sheets about where your child tests, who 
is to help him with his pump, not going to the nurse's station alone 
EVER, etc...This document needs to be signed by the school district's 
physician, along with your endo, so anything written in it is 
considered a doctor's order. School nurses will need to comply or 
risk losing their nursing license.

2.) If your child already has an EXISTING IEP for educational
purposes, then you can attach a copy of the IHCP to the IEP as an
additional safeguard, but you cannot write classroom specifc goals
related to health conditions within an IEP while you CAN in the 
504 / IHCP

3.) If the above tactics don't work, then set up a 504 plan, in
addition to(not in repacement of) the IHCP. This forces your school
distict to comply or lose federal funding.

Call your state board of education, they can give you the name of your
region's special needs advocate. They'll attend any meeting with you
and are there for the benefit of you and your child. It should be  
free and usually bears as much weight wih school systems as 
threatening a lawsuit. 

I recommend that you browse around the kids page of the web site. 
There are many many links to requirements, outcome's of lawsuits, 
opinions, decisions, etc....  all good ammunition if you need to 

email @ redacted
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