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Re: Re: [IPp] school

>  My daughter is in 6th grade and her school is terrible about her
>  care while she is there,how can I get them to listen to me and do
>  what is neccessary for Alyshas care?The principal also told me she
>  did not need a 504 plan?I think they are just not getting it,I even
>  called the superintendants office only to be callled by my
>  daughters schools nurse...........HELP!!!!!!!!

The principal (public schools) has no say in whether or not you have 
a 504. Submit your request in writing to have a 504 meeting. They are 
required by law to schedule the meeting within 30 days (as I recall). 
The school MUST agree to any reasonable accomodations, which include 
trained personal to assist your daughter with bg tests, glucogon 
injections, testing in the classroom, providing carb counts for 
school meals, extra time for assignments and test to manage 
low blood sugars, etc...

See the links on all this and more on the KIDS page of the web site.
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