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Re: Re: [IPp] school

 My daughter is in 6th grade and her school is terrible about her care while she is there,how can I get them to listen to me and do what is neccessary for Alyshas care?The principal also told me she did not need a 504 plan?I think they are just not getting it,I even called the superintendants office only to be callled by my daughters schools nurse...........HELP!!!!!!!!
kim mom to Alysha dx 3-5-02
  Julie D <email @ redacted> wrote: Karen,

The process for us actually started last year when Nikki went to preschool.
But with Kindergarten we contacted the school district and told them that
she would be attending kindergarten and that she had diabetes. We explained
that we wanted to make arrangements as soon as possible as to a 504 plan or
an idea. The school district then brought us in put Nikki through all kinds
of testing. Only to discover that she is average to above average in her
learning (therefore not eligible for an idea). Something we already knew.
The 504 plan was discussed and we started to talk with the teacher,
principle, school nurse etc. We are in NY and in NY the child is allowed to
test in the classroom something we are having put right into the 504 plan.
After talking to the teacher (who i think we scared ), the principal and
nurse agreed that it was going to be to much for a teacher to be responsible
for . ( i made it very clear that they were going to be held responsible
while Nikki is in there care). This may sound awful but i was also very
clear that Nikki is intitiled to an education and they the school district
is responsible for that education. I am willing to put in the time to train
everyone on everything. I will always be a phone call or a beeper away.
But i will not run to the school at a drop of a hat, i will not go to school
to bolus her this will all be there responsiblity. Also they will have to
be able to do site changes incase the site comes loose during school time.
I have heard of so many schools relying on the parent to be the one who
basically is at the school the majority of the time caring for their

I am there for the school and for Nikki but I truly feel that if they think
i will run over for every thing that comes up with diabetes that Nikki will
suffer. Her preschool has been able to do the whole process wonderfully. I
have a beeper and cell phone system worked out so i am always available to
trouble shot etc. But they are and will have to learn how to live with
diabetes just like our daughter does. This can be a real eye opener to the
whole school . I think its important that everyone understands what our
children go through. I don't think that they truly get it until they are
living it along with us. We love our daughter so much and want her to have
a normal life but lets face it diabetes is not normal. We can give her an
eduation where she is taught to be independant as much as her age allows but
her age (entering k age 4) does not allow her to be responsible.

We also discussed the life threatening issues, children with diabetes
website also has a video that we showed of a child have an hypo episode.
Again I think this all made them realize that this is serious. They also
had another child start on the pump and experience an extreme low. The
nurse at the other school, said she can't do it alone. The child was being
pulled out of class for highs, lows, treatment etc. Now that child also has
a one on one and everyone is doing better.

When we went to the meeting we went prepared with a months calendar of
Nikki's numbers, we also brought with us a diabetes eduator RN and mother of
2 diabetes children. We brought Nikki's preschool teacher who was great in
giving a history of Nikki's day and the true care that is involved and
honestly gave a speech on what a loving child Nikki is and how she couldn't
teach her class if Nikki did not have the aide. She would not beable to
stop and treat and watch all the other children. She also put this in
writing for us .

It's not easy but I truly believe if we all stand up and ask for what we
feel we need and show the schools how it can all work than we can make
everyone confortable. The school also has a nurse who is willing to learn
all about the pump and i will be holding classes for everyone. I am trying
to make the whole school feel comfortable and give them enough training and
education on the subject, they will all be experts which can only help our
little ones.

I embrace the opportunity to education everyone on what our little ones live
with. I want them all to see that this illness is not just a finger prick
and all is well.

sorry for rabbling. If you want to e-mail me i'll help as much as i can but
i would start now. you can get me at email @ redacted

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