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[IPp] school


My daughter is in 1st grade, and has been pumping for 2 years.  We do BG's at 
9:30, 11, and 1:30.  On Mondays, she is in an after school class and is 
tested at 3 also.  All management is done front-line, in the classroom.  We, 
thank goodness, have excellent support from the management of our school.  
They put a phone in her class so the teacher can call me.  I have a mangement 
plan "Daily Sheet"  With guidelines for what to do and blanks to write in BGs 
I send a lunch with the cho and bolus written on it, or she buys and the 
teacher calls so I can figure bolus.  When there is a treat given during the 
day, the teacher always lets me know and I tell her what actions to take.
This plan did not just fall into place.  I had to fight to have testing in 
the classroom and each year I have to deal with the fears of the new teacher. 
 I just feel it is necessary in a child to have the teacher be the first line 
in care....there may not be time for her to walk to the nurse for a test, and 
the school finally agreed with me.
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