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[IPp] RE:school


My daughter Gen is in 1st grade now.  I send an index card in her lunch
box with the carb counts of each portion of her snack and lunch.  She
has a mid-morning snack which the school nurse gives her a bolus for,
and then gets a BG check prior to lunch (tests in the nurse's office).
After lunch, it's back to the nurse's office for her bolus.  Gen does
all the testing/bolusing herself with the nurse peeking over her
shoulder.  The only time she gets an additional BG test in the afternoon
is if she (Gen) thinks she might be low.  

Our school nurse is the parent of a Type 1 (he's now in college), and
although she's not familiar with the pump, we've had a smooth transition
as we speak the same lingo.  She only calls me if something unexpected
happens (a birthday celebration cupcake, etc...). 

Hope this helps....

Pump-Mom to Genevieve (age 7, dx'd @ 13 mths, pumping since Jan 2000)
and James (10 non-D)  
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