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Re: [IPp] school

Those of you that have children in school all day and test in the nurse's
office, how often do your children test?

Our son Jeffrey is about to finish K-5 this month.  We have an excellent
school nurse, and for that I am eternally greatful since I know that is not
always the case.  Jeffrey is tested at mid-morning, lunch, and mid
afternoon.  Then I test him when we get home from school.  This has worked
out very well.  Jeffrey fell and sprained his ankle last week, and has a
cast on his leg and the school has gone out of its way to accomodate him.
At first I was weary of the principal's reaction to his pump, (he started
pumping in FEB) but it has smoothed out now.  When he goes to lunch, his
teacher writes down everything he eats and then he takes it to the nurse and
together they figure the carbs and bolus.  She always checks with me when
she boluses, and also when his bg is out of our"normal" range.  We have a
504 in place, and all is going well so far.
Laura, mom to Eryn age 9, Jeffrey age 6, dx 5/99,  and Mary Glenn, 4.
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