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Re: Re: [IPp] school

Julie wrote:
Our daughter is also 4 years old and entering kindergarten in September. 
have been working on the school district since January and last month we
were awarded a full time one on one aide to be in the class room for her.
The aide will be there doing other work but she will be the one
as the set of eyes making sure everything is ok and reminding Nikki of
it is time to test , making sure she eats, treating her for lows etc.  We
will also train the aide to help teach Nikki how to count carbs etc.

How difficult was it to get the school to agree to a full time aide? 
What documentation did you present to convince them this is necessary? 
Lauren's school nurse is excellent, and I have been happy with the school
so far, but she will be in first grade next year.  We haven't had to deal
with lunch or PE this year.  She will begin pumping in a few weeks, and
first grade is different than kindergarten.  It would be great to
convince Lauren's school that she needs a full time aide, but I think it
would be a challenge.  Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.
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