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Re: [IPp] school

Our daughter is also 4 years old and entering kindergarten in September.  We
have been working on the school district since January and last month we
were awarded a full time one on one aide to be in the class room for her.
The aide will be there doing other work but she will be the one responsible
as the set of eyes making sure everything is ok and reminding Nikki of when
it is time to test , making sure she eats, treating her for lows etc.  We
will also train the aide to help teach Nikki how to count carbs etc.

At first I didn't like the idea of Nikki being singled out as the child with
an aide but we have had a part time aide for preschool and it works
wonderfully.  The aide really is there as another person helping but she has
a top priority and that is our daughter.  I will spend a good part of the
summer training her and getting her up to speed on what needs to be done
etc.  I feel that Nikki can now enter kindergarten and enjoy the benefits of
being on the insulin pump as well as gaining an education like every other

The school district has seen first hand how involved diabetes is and the
importance of good management.  They had a child in another school who was
running in the 300's constantly so they had very little worry of a low, the
parents put the child on the pump and even with good training the child hit
the 30's the first day back to school.  It was a wake up call that little
ones need constant supervision and a teacher teaching a class of 25 can't be
the set of eyes responsible .  She has to concentrate on all the children.
We are so thankful for a school district that understands the importance of
not only a good education but the safety of our children.

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