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Re: [IPp] Pumping Insulin - Lumps

> Lipodystrophies are localized manifestations of disordered fat
> metabolism at the sites of insulin injection. Tissue hypertrophy can
> be seen as a mass of fibrous scar tissue and is sometimes called
> "insulin tumor."
This has ONLY been studied for injections not for continuous 
infusion. I've been trying unsuccessfully for a number of years to 
get E.Lily to show some interest in the problems associated with 
continuous infusion of Humalog. We know that at least 6% of OUR 
pumper population has some difficulty with this and that the side 
effects result in premature site failure and what appears to 
localized insulin resistance, sometimes reddening, lumps, etc.... 
Many have solved the problem by mixing insulins or switching to 
Novolog. The comment that it appears harmless may be true in the 
short term, but it definetly is harmful to the pocket book to have to 
change a $15 set every day and a half when they fail early due to a 
medical complication that is avoidable with proper diagnosis of the 
condition and a change of insulin vendors. This type problem has been 
reported by someone for most available insulins. Fortunately, most 
people appear to only exhibit symptoms for a specific brand of 
insulin or insulin analog.

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