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Re: [IPp] Baseball and pumping

Hi My son is 11 years old and he has played baseball since he was 4.  He was 
diagnosed in 8/2000 starting pumping Nov.2001.  So this is our first baseball 
season.  He plays shortstop and a  pitcher.  When he is shortstop he always 
wears his pump. He gets low about half the time  during the game and I just 
give me a juice and he is fine then.  When he pitches, he disconnects the 
pump and we just test every two innings to make sure he is okay.  Luckily he 
usually only pitches 2-3 innings.  My son, cannot go without his pump during 
a game.  We have tried that and BG went high.  His Endrocrinologist thinks 
they should stay connected if the game is more than 1 hour.  For basketball 
he always disconnects.  If he played football he would also disconnect 
becuase of the contact.  I would suggest to talk to your doctor or diabetic 
nurse. For us its easier to just check BG and treat a low.  Sherry, Mom of 
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