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Re: [IPp] Pumping Insulin - Lumps

On 7 May 2002 at 6:25, email @ redacted wrote:

> Michael,
> The lumps actually have a name, I just can't remember it.  It is from 
> injecting too frequently in the same site and not rotating enough.  We were
> taught to go from right arm to left arm to left leg to right leg, and to leave
> an inch or so from where you last injected.  I guess we got a little lax.

>From the WebMd.com page:


Lipodystrophies are localized manifestations of disordered fat metabolism at the sites of insulin injection. Tissue hypertrophy can be seen as a mass of fibrous scar tissue 
and is sometimes called "insulin tumor." Atrophy of the tissues at the injection site appears as dimpling and pitting of the skin and underlying tissues. These problems are 
more common in adult females and in children. Atrophy of the tissues is relatively harmless but hypertrophy can cause malabsorption of the insulin and a possible 
misdiagnosis of insulin resistance. Some measures that can help prevent lipodystrophies are (1) systematic rotation of injection sites, (2) warming insulin to room 
temperature before injection, (3) pinching the skin when injecting the insulin so that it is deposited between fat and muscle tissue, and (4) use of human insulin.  

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