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When Ariana (age 12) wanted a salad for dinner we would skip a shot of H,
knowing the NPH was on board,, we didn't' do this often, but it gave her a
small break and even rewarded her for eating healthy.

Before the pump, and before I let her skip a shot,,, she would have a salad,
take her normal dose of H and she'd get an ice cream Sundae to feed the
insulin,,,  what a horrible eating habit to enforce!

Since pumping, food and timing is no longer an issue. I really try to find
the right timing to give her a break, here and there,, so sometimes, she
will not be hooked to her pump, but take a shot instead, just to have a
break. we all need a break. and on her ENDO appointment day, I let her skip
school the rest of the day and we go for lunch or a movie, got to keep that
spice of life going in them :-)

Speaking of needing a break,, my son was telling me about his Mother's Day
Gift to me, he made a drawing,,, he said it was of my favorite thing to do,,
I said Horse Back riding??? :-)  He said NO SLEEPING! : (   I need a break
from the night time checks!

Connie Miller
Photography benefiting the Children With DIABETES Foundation.

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Jillian asked me the other night if she could just not have diabetes for one
day.  No checking, no counting carbs, etc.  Jeez.  It's so tempting, but I
said no.  Then I told her they're gonna find a cure and you won't have at
all.  She sighed and said okay and went off on her way.  I cried.

Kelly, Mom of Jillian 12(dx'd Feb 2001), Patrick 10 and Erin 2
Happily married to Steve
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