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Re: [IPp] Pumping Insulin/sites

Lisa,We are using the paradigm.  How is Andrew doing with site changes
using the
sils?  Do you manually insert or use the sil-serter?  We so far are
inserting, but tomorrow I am going to try the sil-serter.  I would
knowing that the angle is correct using the inserter. Do you numb thearea
with Andrew?  We so far do not.SarahMommy to Matthew age 5, dx 3/99 & to
Victoria age 7, non-d


Andrew is not a big fan of site changes ~ sometimes it's a bit of a
wrestling match! But it's over with and forgotten quickly, and he's off
running and playing. We have never used a numbing cream, and he doesn't
like an ice cube. I've always poked manually, but I've worked many years
drawing blood in a hospital lab, and I used to work as a paramedic, so
this comes pretty easily for me!  Andrew's preference is to have the site
on his back....we use the area from below the shoulder blade down to the
'small' of his back....about 1-2 inches lateral to the spine. He doesn't
have much fat layer there, so I have to 'pinch up' the skin and go in at
a shallow angle. These sites stay in place very well for a very active
toddler!  He wears the pump in a velcro-closured pocket sewn into the
back of a 'tank' style undershirt (made by gramma:o)), this keeps it away
from curious little hands! We plan to upgrade to the Paradigm this Summe!
r or Fall. Andrew's insulin start-up was done in the endo's office. We
did not observe any special meal or exercise regimen in the days
following start-up. One of the beautiful things about the pump on a
toddler is the ability to allow them to eat like a toddler (lots of
'grazing' in Andrew's case) and still maintain decent control. His A1c
has gone from 8.7 down to 7.9. We fell very blessed to have Andrew on the
pump ~ it has been a VERY positive move for us, and we would never go
back to shot's!   All the best tomorrow!

Lisa Harris, Michigan, mom of Andrew, 3yrs old, (dx'email @ redacted) pumping 8
months, and mom of Jamie 8, and Mary 4........and happily married to


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