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Re: [IPp] Pumping Insulin

In a message dated 5/6/2002 3:48:43 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  I cannot wait for my son to taste a full size 
>  candy bar...and not just a bite of one.  They say that we have to wait a 
> week 
>  or two before indulging in any extra treats, just to be sure they set the 
>  basal rate correctly.  

>From our experience, it wasn't avoiding extra treats during those early weeks 
that help you get fine-tuned basals figured out quickly as much as it was 
having her eat only things that we could get an accurate carb count on . . .  
Thus, we avoided eating out at restaurants the first couple of weeks but let 
my daughter make her own choices about meals and snacks selections (at home 
or at fast food places where you can get good carb counts).  She actually 
lost something like 7 lbs her first month or so of pumping -- mostly because 
we no longer had to "feed" the NPH, especially when she was exercising . . . 

> We so far are starting at 0.2 u/h ....it sounds like 
>  such a small amount. I was curious what your childrens rate is???  

My daughter has 7 different basal rates ranging from .35u per hour to .75u 
per hour -- and she's 5' 3" and a 110 lbs . . . every person is different .  
.  . Since your child will be in the hospital for pump start, I wouldn't 
worry too much about those basals -- Happy Pumping!

Pumpmama to Katie
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