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[IPp] Pumping Insulin

Hi everyone....

Well, tomorrow is our BIG day.  We go back to the Children's Hosp to start 
pumping insulin.  It has been a great 6 days of pumping saline, and an 
awesome learning experience.  I just cannot wait for tomorrow, so I can 
finally tell my son, NO MORE SHOTS!!!!  Even though he does know that if 
problems arise from the pump, he may need injections for a day or so. He is 
totally fine with that.  His poor arms, legs, and tummy have HAD it with 
injections.....almost all of his sites have those hard lumps from injecting.  

For those of you waiting to go on the pump....Good Luck.....I hope you get it 
soon.  It truly is a miracle.  I cannot wait for my son to taste a full size 
candy bar...and not just a bite of one.  They say that we have to wait a week 
or two before indulging in any extra treats, just to be sure they set the 
basal rate correctly.  We so far are starting at 0.2 u/h ....it sounds like 
such a small amount. I was curious what your childrens rate is???  
Thanks to each and everyone of you, you all have been a huge help to me in 
deciding on which pump, and you all are a great support.  So...thanks!!  :)
Sarah  (Mommy to Matthew age 5 dx 3/99....and to Victoria age 7 non-d)
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