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Re: [IPp] Baseball and pumping

> My son plays many sports.  For most of them; soccer, track and
> basketball he can disconnect from his pump during participation and
> his readings are still OK.  Last year during baseball he could
> disconnect at the start of a game and be OK two hours later.  Not so
> this year.  He had his first baseball games this weekend and I can
> see with his increase in basal rates over a year ago, he can no
> longer disconnect for 2 hours or more and be "OK."  So, I would like
> him to wear his pump during participation.  He u Jocelyn, 

Probably not a good idea. The pump can give not only your son, but 
another player a pretty nasty whack in a collision. Pumps should 
generally be removed during contact sports. I've been through all 
this and know it can be a hassle, but a crash (impact) or a slide 
into first would not do your son, someone else or the pump any good. 
My daughter was always pretty successful at control simply be 
checking before, at half time and at the end of her soccer games, 
even with tough tournement weekends. Baseball players spend a good 
deal of time sitting in the dugout -- he has time to check and bolus 
a little if need be.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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