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[IPp] Re: sad question

My DD just recently has said a couple times she wished she did not have D.  
However when we have talked about a cure in the past it has usually ended in 
tears.  Hers not mine...OK mine too but only after she has left the room.  
And the tears are not because of the frustration of having D or the lack of a 
cure but rather she cries at the thought of NOT having D anymore.  She has 
literally cried and begged me not to "take" her D away.  Needless to say the 
first time this happened it kind of freaked me out.  I went straight to our 
social worker through our endo and asked about this kind of reaction.  She 
said she could see why it would be so frightening to have it taken away from 
her since she has never known life without her D and sees having D as making 
her "special."  She views D as part of her, kind of like a leg or arm so to 
cure it and take it away from her is scary.  Last year my husband rode his 
bicycle in the JDRF Ride to Cure through Death Valley.  We told her it was to 
help raise money to find a cure for D and she asked him not to do it.  We 
ended up telling her that the money could go to help other little kids like 
her get an insulin pump.  She said then it would be OK for him to do the 
ride.  It breaks my heart that she wants to keep this dreaded disease but I 
guess at her tender age of 4 she does not see the dread of it yet.  I guess 
that is what being dx'd at such a young age will do for you.

Tammy, wife to David
Mom to Shannon, 4, dx'd 2/99 at 13 mo, pumping 3/01
& Kaitlyn 1 1/2 and running wild!
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