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Re: [IPp] Sad question

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On a lighter note, our daughter was diagnoised in June of 2000 at 2 1/2
years old our annual walk was that September.  When we told Nikki we would
be walking for the cure she said that she wanted a "Pink cure for the girls"
and a "blue cure for the boys".  She was so cute in specifying how the cure
should be delivered.

Then the next morning after the walk she asked me did they find it?  At
first I didn't know what she was talking about then she said you know the
Cure!  Breaks your heart but these little guys are so strong and brave.
Nikki is now 4 years old and is doing really well.  We are just starting to
put together fund raisers for this years walk.

I know someday there will be a break through till then we continue to look
on the positive side and not the negative.  We have mad so many wonderful
friends through out our journey and together we know that we can make a
difference and one day stand in line for the cure.

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