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[IPp] Twins with diabetes

> <<Hello to you and yours.  We also live in CT, Middlebury which is west of 
> Waterbury.  My 8 year old twins were dx'd at the age of 14 months and now 
> they are 8, survived so far.  They started pumping at 5.  They are doing 
> well 
> but it's hard since their insulin to carb ration is sooooooooooo totally 
> different.  Welcome to the group.  Where in CT do you live?
> Eileen Clarke
> Mom of Peter, 19
> Kayla & Kelsey 8, Dx'd @ 14 months, pumping since 11-99>>
Hi Eileen,
     I was most interestd to read about your twins being diagnosed at the 
same age.  Was it actually the same month or week?  I bet the researchers 
love talking to you!
     And then isn't it also interesting that their bolus ratio is different.  
How about their basals?  
     Anyhow, I'm sure that lots of us here are interested in the aspects of 
twins with D--you know all that genetic vs. environmental aspects, so 
anything you have to share I will read with interest.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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