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[IPp] re: QuickSets on a lean belly

re: my original post:
> But he still has a HUGE fear when he sees that Sil. needle, even
> with the inserter.  He's had minimal pain on 2 sets, and not so
> minimal on another, so we still have a tense time w/ set changes.
> I'm looking forward to his behind healing back up & getting back
> to the smaller profile QuickSet w/ the needle hidden inside the
> inserter.  >>

<< "Marisa Schmidt" <email @ redacted> wrote:
We also use Silhouettes on Scott.  He is 8 and also quite lean.  Although
these sets work well for him, we are considering changing to quicksets
because of Scott's fear of the Silhouette needle.  He prefers to use his
belly and 'love handles' for sites.  I have been told by others that even a
thin person can get good results on the abdomen with the 6mm quickset.  Has
this not been true for Luke?>>

During the first 3 months of pumping, Luke slimmed down by about 5 lbs. because
he was eating the amount he wanted (mainly smaller breakfasts & no morning
snack) as compared to being on NPH/Reg. shots.  I think he lost almost all of
this in belly fat.  Anyway, we originally used his belly for most pump sites,
and very few on his rear/love handles.  We had great results w/ QuickSets &
Luke really likes that set - it sticks well, the inserter is not intimidating,
and he likes the disconnect.  But as the year progressed, we found more & more
times that we could not put QuickSets into his belly.  If he had a new set in &
went to Phys. Ed. the next morning, even with disconnecting, the cannula would
bend.  His little belly feels pretty firm, with hardly any pinchable/soft areas
for sites.  That's a change.  It's certainly not a genetic trait from me - I
have plenty to pinch.  If only we could share our fat! 

When Luke's butt areas are not overused, he gets great results with QuickSets. 
But in the past 6 months, I can remember only about 2 successful tries in the
belly w/ QuickSets - and a number of failures.  The last one I tried had 3
kinks in the cannula when we removed it after 4 hours.  I believe that
Michael's daughter Lily & Barbara's daughter Claire had some lean belly issues
but I may have gotten people mixed up (my apologies if I did).  Whoever did was
very kind to share it w/ me on the full IP list last fall and suggested Sils
instead of the 90degree sets.

Currently we're getting good results in the belly w/ Sils, and are trying to
set up the rotation to be Sils/belly for a couple of weeks, then QuickSets/butt
& QuickSets/love handles for another few weeks then back to belly/Sils.  It
looks like it will work but we'll know better after his next A1C in July.  

I can't say if this will be true for your son or not - kids' fat deposits are
not consistent from person to person, so go with your "gut" (no pun intended)
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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