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[IPp] missing hormone

Hi everyone,

Our endo called today to give results of some blood work done on my 5yr old a 
week ago.  He has been having alot of low blood sugars and no matter how we 
adjust his insulin, he still goes low at school. So the results of the blood 
work show that my son is lacking in a certain hormone, which is causing him 
to have so many lows. I am not sure the name of the hormone, as my head was 
spinning when the endo called. Not to mention the fact that she has a big 
accent when she speaks and sometimes is hard to understand.  We are currently 
on our saline start for the pump and we go back to the hospital on Tuesday 
for the real thing....so on Tuesday they are going to re do the blood test 
and see if they are correct. If they find that he is lacking this hormone 
than he will have to take a pill to replace the hormone and he will have to 
take this pill for the rest of his life. Please....what else do I have to 
endure, what else does my poor little boy have to go thru?????
Have any of you ever heard of this happening?  Do you know the name of the 
hormone?  I want to say that she sounded as if she was saying "cortisone" 
hormone, however, I have never heard of this.
Do I sound panicked????
Mother of Matthew age 5  diagnosed 3/99
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