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[IPp] Re: Diabetes and bed wetting

<<Can anyone help me?  I'm so tired of washing sheets.  I think he must be 
low at night and then rebounding, but I haven't been able to "catch" him.  
bed wetting started the same time as his symptoms of diabetes - a year ago.
He wants to go to summer camp, but how can he with this problem.>>

Hi Carol,
     I can't remember how old you child is, but sure he can go to summer 
camp.  That is what Good Nites were invented for!  Try them out to see if he 
feels comfortable with the concept.  
     Diabetics do not concentrate their urine in the same manner as non-D 
people do.  Bed wetting and diabetes is certainly not uncommon, in fact it is 
a standard question asked at doctors appointments where I have been.  
     And yes, bed-wetting has probably been the sign for many parents that 
something was wrong with their child.  Probably if this occurs dx can happen 
a bit sooner.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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