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Re: [IPp] Thanks for the welcome & more

don't think every nurse knows how to use glucagon either, when i worked in 
the hospital we never gave glucagon, we gave d 50 by iv push, in the nursing 
home they have given glucagon, but trust me they don't know how to do it or 
why they do it.
one day when they sent me over to the long term care side, i was looking for 
something, i think applesauce cups, and i saw a glucagon box in the cupboard. 
i was curious and looked in it, to my horror i saw just the vial of glucagon, 
not the syringe or the dilutant, i had heard a couple of days before that a 
nurse had to give glucagon to a pt there, well needless to say they didn't 
know what the H**** they were doing. i wrote a note and gave the box to one 
of my bosses telling them what it think happened, and suggesting an inservice 
on glucagon injections. well that didn't happen but they did have a dr come 
in two months in a row and give a diab inservice, i wasn't able to attend but 
i don't think this dr even knows there is glucagon on the market.
more recently they had to give the same pt glucagon again, well they did it 
like three days in a row and couldn't understand why the last time her bs 
just wouldn't come up, after i explained that the liver has to recoup the 
glucose in order to be able to spit some more out, etc, i think some 
understood, but trust me many will just never get it. they did sent the lady 
out, they did give her d 50 also after the glucagon didn't work, good thing 
they did come over to our side and get the other RN who works with me, her 
husband has T2, but insulin dependent now, and she at least knows more than 
the average nurse about diab.
i am only telling this that if they think the hospital can send a nurse to 
the school to give the glucagon for liability reasons i don't think they will 
do that, and second i wouldn't trust them to know how to give it either. 
teaching one or two isn't going to guarantee that who ever they send will 
know how to do it.
ems workers give d 50 works fast, and you aren't using up the liver stores, 
or taking a   chance that the glucose in the liver is already spent out.
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