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Re: [IPp] Crystallization / Novo /Humulog

> I would really appreciate it if you could find that info.  We are
> thinking about switching to Novolog but we have not been able to get
> any answers about how to dilute it.  The company does not even have
> an answer for us. Thanks!
> Debbie mom of Megan age 6 dx @4, Madison, 4 & Gillian 8 months

Novo is not allowed to make a recommendation because they have not 
submitted data to the FDA. They would get in trouble big time if they 
said anything one way or the other.

They do make these several products for diluting their insulins and 
I submitted the question about which to use to the ip-medpro list 
some time ago and got a response. You SHOULD get the recommendation 
of your physician and/or pharmicist before proceeding.

Novo's official response is:

"No recommendation can be made at this time on diluting NovoLog or
Velosulin(r) BR with any of the above three diluents, even on a
theoretical basis."

Our guys said:

"Ask them for the ph of the Novolin diluent, I would suspect that 
would be satisfactory if it is buffered neutral. There is nothing in 
that insulin which would cause problems."

Novo replied:

"All the human insulin products are buffered to a neutral pH as well 
as the diluents.  NovoLog is buffered between 7.2 and 7.6."

This is the dilutent for Novolin R
Diluent ingredients:

Soluble diluent (for use with Novolin(r) R): Glycerol, metacresol,
sodium hydroxide/HCL (to adjust pH) 

Now you know everything I know. It is up to the prescribing physician 
to make the decision.

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