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[IPp] Re: Saline starts

Hi, My son is 11 years old and we started the pump in Nov. of 2001. He wore a 
saline pump for about 8 days.  I wanted him to wear one and do everything 
that he was suppose to do with it and for me too.  The first time the nurse 
did the infusion set, he wasn't sure if he could do it every three days.  We 
were using silhoutee sets then. ( now quick sets)  The first night he begged 
me to let him disconnect.   I did.  BUT after that first night, he wore it 
24/7 and yes I did check his BG in the middle of the night about every 3 
hours, but I was doing this so that we could get a log of his basals to start 
the real thing.  I helped him change his sites every three days and so on.  
For me, it was very important to make sure he could handle this.  I am not 
sure if I could have something attached to me 24/7.  Also just to let him 
have the control of everything.  We have been pumping since Nov. and we did 
have a couple of very rough months, with infusion sets not working, clogging, 
and bubbles, but now we have it under control, completely and we are all very 
happy with the results!! His Hba1C was 7.2 last week.  That is the best we 
ever had.  I would always suggest the child wearing the saline pump, because, 
I know for me, I could not bear to see him cry or fight me everything a site 
change was needed.  I wanted to make sure it was the right thing for him.  

Sherry, Mom of Adam dx 8/2000, pumping since 11/2001
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