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[IPn] I'm angry

Hello Pumpers and Friends,

I am angry and frustrated. If you don't want to share in this, click 
delete now.

Last August, Insulin Pumpers entered into and agreement with:

Metasoft Systems Inc
300 - 353 Water Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada  V6B 1B8
 Ph.  604 683-6711

... to use their Foundation Search and Big OnLine tolls that are 
supposed to help charitable organizations raise money. The cost for 
the these service has totaled $4,595. The supposedly offer a MONEY 
BACK GUARANTEE that if their service does not produce results then 
they will refund payment. Well, needless to say that is not what has 

Insulin Pumpers has used their servcie to identify over 400 potential
foundation donors and we have sent letters and/or proposals to all of
these. The net result to-date has been zilch!  A week or so ago, I 
prepared a letter with all the appropriate document requirements 
including a large number of "sorry" letters from those foundations 
that bothered to respond and sent it with a request for refund to 
Metasoft to the attention of:

	T. Sherman GSM
and our account manager with their company
	Julia Oulton <email @ redacted>

I have not heard a word from Ms. Oulton or from T. Sherman. I did 
recieve a reply from:
	Mitch Owens <email @ redacted> sales mgr

which has been a run-around and lots of reasons why Metasoft is not 
going to honor their guarantee.

Well, there is nothing I can do about it now, however YOU can help 
spread the word about these people and that they steal from charity 
and that their promise of a money back guarantee is BS.

Perhaps spreading the word will help some other small organization 
like IP avoid getting ripped off.  

So, if you write a blog, tweet, have the opportunity to comment 
online, mention the disreputable nature of Metasoft and their 
Foundation Search program.


Our Winter fund raising effort is about over. There is $400 left on 
West Virginia's challenge that we still need to match and your help 
would be appreciated.


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