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Re: [IPp] Infusion Set Cannula Length

I think it is entirely possible that is the problem.  Our daughter could 
tell if it felt "funny" when it went in and I suspected a similar problem. 
Since the canula is not kinked it could be that the site is going in just 
far enough to get real close to the muscle.  We now use infusion sets that 
go in at an angle because we often ran into that problem.  I am sure they 
will swap out unopened boxes if it hasn't been too long.  Just use the 
longer canula sets for areas with more fatty tissue.  Sometimes scar tissue 
can develop if you aren't rotating your sites far enough apart, that too 
will cause undesireable absorption.  Good luck, Suzanne
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From: "Melissa Dohse" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 4:24 PM
Subject: [IPp] Infusion Set Cannula Length

> My daughter who is 6 years old has been pumping since August 2010. We have
> had excellent blood glucose control since beginning to pump, but the last 
> 4
> days or so has suddenly taken a turn. Her blood glucose has been
> consistently between 225 and 300 with no obvious explanation. At first I
> thought it was her site, so I gave a bolus by syringe and that lowered her
> BG to 87, so I changed the site. Unfortunately the good results were short
> lived as her BG's began creeping back up to the 200's over the first 24
> hours after the site change. She was negative for keytones over the 
> weekend
> so I continued trying to control the high BG's. This morning I woke up to
> her having wet the bed over night which is highly unusual for her, the 
> only
> time she has done that is during the few weeks before diagnosis. I checked
> her BG and it was back in the 200's. So, I was thinking that it was her 
> site
> again. At this point I was concerned because we have only had 2 failed 
> sites
> since we started pumping. While I was changing her site this morning, I
> realized that I ordered the wrong cannula length. We have always used 6mm
> cannulas and this time I accidentally ordered 9mm cannulas. We only began
> using the new infusion sets on Thursday of last week.
> I am concerned at this point that this is the problem. I did not see any
> evidence that the cannula was kinked when removing the old site, but I am
> wondering if it's possible that the cannula is going to far into her 
> tissue
> and hitting muscle therefore not allowing full absorption of the insulin
> being delivered. Has anyone ever heard of this, or experienced issues with
> the cannula being too long? Any help is greatly appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Melissa
> Mom of Elsye diagnosed Nov. 2009, pumping since Aug. 2010
> .
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