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Re: [IPp] toddlers

Zurik is going to start pumping soon and is 28 months old.  I found  some 
 nice pump packs online that seem like they will help. One is called the "Back
buddy" and is worn like a harness where the pump would be on the back  in 
 between the shoulder blades and the other ones I have are waist packs that have
zipper closure that I read can be locked using a luggage lock. 
I don't have any personal experience with pumping yet, but for my  daughter 
who was tube fed we had to make sure she didn't pull out her feeding  tube (it 
was a "Mic-key" button that was basically a port straight through the  stomach 
wall next to her belly button that we would attach a tube to feed her)  and 
 the best way we kept her from pulling it out was to have her wear clothes that
kept it out of reach (out of sight out of mind)...  With time she  actually 
 learned to love what she called "tubie" and she thought of it has part of her.
Good luck!  Below are the websites where I found the different pump  packs...
 _www.pumpwearinc.com_ (http://www.pumpwearinc.com)    Has zipper pump packs 
_www.animascorp.com_ (http://www.animascorp.com)    Has  a tamper resistant 
case for Animas pumps (that can be locked) maybe Minimed has  something similar
Has the Back buddy $29.95 (http://www.diabetesnet.com) 
Tammy, Proud Mom to:
Zoe (Forever  5) and Zurik (2 years old) dx'd 9-8-06 (type  1)

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